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How to Improve Purification Efficiency of Rotary Evaporator

Rotary evaporator has gradually become an ideal necessary instrument for concentration, drying and recycling in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, colleges and universities and scientific research laboratories for manufacturing and analysis experiments. Purification efficiency is a concern when using rotary evaporator. So, how to improve the purification efficiency?

rotary evaporator 

1. The higher the temperature in vacuum rotary evaporator bath, the faster the evaporation of the experimental solvent inside the rotary flask.

2. The faster the rotating speed of the rotating flask, the larger and thicker the film formed by the solvent on the bottle wall, because the heated evaporation area increases, so the evaporation efficiency is higher.

3. The level of vacuum value will also have a certain impact on the condensation efficiency, and the vacuum value will be affected by vacuum pump, sealing ring and vacuum tube. A vacuum controller and vacuum valve can be chosen to install according to your own needs to better control the internal vacuum value of laboratory rotary evaporator.

vacuum rotary evaporator 

4. The temperature of the circulating cooling medium in the condenser will have a great impact on its condensation efficiency. When the temperature of the circulating cooling medium is too high, the condensation efficiency will be reduced, and the steam cannot be condensed and stored in the equipment in time, resulting in a vacuum degree does not go down, thus affecting the evaporation efficiency of distillation rotary evaporator.


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