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Factors affecting the price of rotary evaporator

The rotary evaporator is a commonly used equipment in the laboratory, which consists of a motor, distilled flask, heating pot, condensed tube and other parts. It is mainly used for continuous distillation of volatile solvents under decompression conditions, and widely  applied in chemical, biomedicine and other fields.

 50l rotary evaporator

Factors affecting the price of vacuum rotary evaporator:

1. Sealing ring: Sealing ring is the key to ensuring gas tightness. The instrument uses PTFE+fluoride rubber dual sealing, corrosion resistance, zero pollution, and eliminates the cost of frequent replacement in the later period.

2. Glass quality: The instrument uses high borosilized glass, which can withstand higher temperature differences and performance meets international standards.

3. Motor/controller: This is the cardiac component of the rotary evaporator to ensure the smooth operation.

4. Quality of the liner in the heating pot: The heating pot of the instrument uses 304 stainless steel,dual -use for water and oil, and the temperature range is wide.

5. Other factors: such as electric or manual lifting, with or without vacuum gauge, with or without a valve in the feeding tube, with or without a unloading valve in the collection bottle and other details.

 laboratory rotary evaporator

In addition, the choice of regular manufacturers is more guaranteed in terms of quality and after-sales service. These all affect the price. Usually, 2L, 3L, and 5L rotary evaporators are suitable for laboratories and sample tests, 5L, 10L, 20L for pilot, and 20L,50L for pilot  and production.

large capacity rotary evaporator


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