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How to set the rotary evaporator temperature

The vacuum rotary evaporator is mainly composed of a motor, a distillation bottle, a heating pot, condenser tubes and other parts. It is used for distillation, concentration, drying, recovery, etc. during synthesis, analysis and other processes, and mainly applied in biology, medicine, chemical industry, food and other fields.

rotovap rotary evaporator 

Rotary evaporator temperature settings:

1. First, you need to know the boiling point of the substance to be separated. Generally, the temperature is set to 2 to 3 degrees lower than the boiling point to evaporate it. For example, food testing is generally set at 50 degrees, and pesticide residue testing generally requires a water bath temperature that cannot be higher than 40 degrees.

2. If the aqueous solution is evaporated, the basic temperature should be adjusted to 35-40 degrees. If the solution concentration is high, the pressure should not exceed 0.08, otherwise it will spray out easily. If you are afraid of destroying the activity, you can evaporate it to dryness under reduced pressure at 60 degrees. conversely, just evaporate it to dryness in a water bath at 80-100 degrees.

3. Usually, when the solvent reaches 35 degrees, a rotary evaporator is used for vacuum distillation. If the boiling point of the extracted solvent is above 100 degrees, it should be set between 60 and 70 degrees, and the temperature of the condensation medium used at the same time is lower, the desolvation speed can be accelerated.

extraction rotary evaporator 

Chemical rotary evaporator temperature settings are related to coolant and vacuum source. If tap water is used for cooling, many low-boiling point solvents will not be completely cooled, and the pressure of the water pump cannot be pumped up. In this case, the temperature of the water bath can be higher. If the output liquid of the refrigerator is used for cooling, the temperature of the water bath should be lower to prevent bumping.


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